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Literacy Strategies for Adult Reading Tutors

Previous users of LITSTART will appreciate the many new features of the third edition. Strategies for teaching English as a Second Language, a three-step process for preparing a lesson, more guidance on phonics and writing, and a chapter on checking progress are highlights of the new LITSTART. Separate tutor and student versions of the Where to Start Placement Guide are included with each book.

LITSTART provides tutors with the framework, guidance, and strategies to teach lessons that focus on the personal goals and learning styles of their students. LITSTART contains 13 strategies for teaching English as a Second Language, 12 strategies for reading, 24 for work study and spelling and 2 for writing, as well as background information, tutoring tips, checklists of skills, sample lessons and over 60 pages of word lists.
Price:$14.95 plus shipping to MLI members
          $16.95 plus shipping for nonMLI members


Tutoring Made Easy provides the basics of tutoring instruction needed to teach reading and writing skills. Tutoring Made Easy has proven useful in peer tutoring and serves as the curriculum for a pilot program to train parents to tutor their children. The parent program, developed by the Family Literacy Center in Lapeer, Michigan has gained widespread acceptance and school systems across the state are contracting to the Tutoring Made Easy program and materials to train the parents of their students.
Price:$10.95 plus shipping to MLI members
          $12.95 plus shipping for nonMLI members